Dr. Tristan Pico

Co-Founder & Physician

While the excitement of the operating room was difficult to leave, Dr. Tristan Pico found he wanted more personal interaction with his patients. This, paired with his desire to treat pain led him to the field of pain management, which not only provides the opportunity to connect with his patients during their time of greatest difficulty, but also alleviate their suffering. There is a great diversity of treatment options for patients who suffer with chronic pain.

While a resident in Anesthesiology at the University of Alabama, Dr. Pico learned many different techniques to treat both acute and chronic pain. His training at MD Anderson, the nation’s premier cancer treatment facility, helped him master the most advanced pain treatment techniques that can be offered to patients.

Dr. Pico is an advocate of providing patients with a wide array of treatments to ensure that pain treatment is tailored to each patient’s unique pain profile. Dr. Pico witnessed the devastating consequences of pain during his grandfather’s battle with colon cancer. At MD Anderson, he learned that pain is a highly personal experience and does not affect any one person in the same way. All patients who endure pain on a day-to-day basis can have their lives immeasurably improved with advanced pain treatment.

"I discovered my passion for pain management while watching my Grandfather suffer from cancer pain.  My goal for all patients is to reduce pain, increase activity, and bring greater enjoyment to life."

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